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by Cosmoganic



Visionary Shamanics is happy to present a downtempo Psybass EP from Australian artist COSMOGANIC. Bare feet on the Earth.. a way we can send her our gratitude..
A tasteful blend of earthy, acoustic tones & wave bending electronic synthesis. Forest Stomp may take the listener, on a cosmic journey through lush terrain, underground sub-root systems & colorful conversations with creatures large & small, earthly & otherworldly. From there on, we blaze trails through vibrant forest until the galactic federation of fractal symbiosis opens it’s portal, sending us skyward, breaking through the weightless boundary of Earth’s atmosphere where the astonishingly beautiful view of our home awaits us. looking back at the giant blue living organism we are all so blessed to walk & dance upon. This view puts the whole human experience back into perspective. From here on.. the next dimension & it’s inhabitants await your arrival.. for this journey perhaps, has only just begun..

Find your finest sound system, choose your potion, kick back, relax & sink into this fresh Australian musical offering from Cosmoganic.


Exotic forest stomping to trip you out
Shining crystal geometry all around
Sacred portals are all abound
A groovy view of living dreams
Dancing inside yoda's garden theme
Blazing trails to the beyonds ride
Where elementals and spirits reside
Of enchanting the sights alight
Gazing up to the vast array of stars
Discovering the many constellations afar
The divine is within us all multidimensional
Gaining psychedelic insights fully visual


released November 28, 2020

Visionary Art - COSMOGANIC
Mastering - COSMOGANIC
Shamanic Poetry - MYSTICAL VOYAGER


all rights reserved



Visionary Shamanics UK


Jungly forest night time realms of psychedelic trance and ethnic psychill dub grooves , laced with underworldly undertones and channelled insights. Combining a synergy of visionary art, shamanic poetry and mystical worlds of hallucinogenic sound.
Shamanic grooves for the new era of psychedelic travelling in multidimensional planes of awareness and otherworldly mystery.
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