Of Wood - VA

by Visionary Shamanics

Anu - Cairo 07:35


Visionary Shamanics is happy to present "Of Wood", which consists of 12 Psychill tracks, handpicked by DJ BzB, and accompanied, track by track, by the talented Tal Wollner on his cosmic Galactic Oud. “Of Wood” is a journey.

A journey out.
Out of bounds, out of logic, out of the mind, out of lines.
No contour on this piece.
A trip to divine uncertainty.
A trip you know nothing about, yet blindly taking it, is exactly what make you confident about yourself, and the trip.

This journey will take you floating on the river of time as ancient and new worlds coming together to embrace you with magical psychedelic soundscapes and eastern harmonies.


released January 21, 2020

*Oud on all tracks by Tal Wollner*

Squazoid - Sultans Of Strings:
Written and composed by Jeremy Bringué & Cédric Champalou
Bass Guitar by Sébastien Monseliier
Mix and Mastered by Jeremy Bringue & Cedric Champalou @ Studio 23 des Lilas

Lo.renzo - Desert Bass:
Written and composed by Lorenzo Mantovini
Sarangi by Lorenzo Mantovini
Percussions by Lorenzo Mantovini
Mastered @ DIGITALX Mastering Lab

The Glitch Wizard - Temple of The Mist:
Written and composed by Lucas Picard
Mastered @ DIGITALX Mastering Lab

Subroot - Moonshade (The Glitch Wizard Rmx):
Written and composed by Jeff Beck/Lucas Picard
Mastered @ DIGITALX Mastering Lab

Cosmic Touch - Eternal:
Written and composed by Nico Kumpulainen
Mastered @ DIGITALX Mastering Lab

Cosmic Phase - New Beginnings:
Written and composed by Dido Daadush
Mastered @ DIGITALX Mastering Lab

Dubnotic - Noosphere:
Written and composed by Martin Hawk
Mastered @ DIGITALX Mastering Lab

Advanced Suite - Braizeing;
Written and composed by PJ Palone
Mastered @ DIGITALX Mastering Lab

Subroot - Sifting Phase
Written and composed by Jeff Beck
Mastered @ DIGITALX Mastering Lab

Psydraft - Deep In The Desert:
Written and composed by Steve Bosman
Mastered @ DIGITALX Mastering Lab

Aquiver - Metanoia
Written and composed by Yossi Bozo
Mastered @ DIGITALX Mastering Lab

Anu - Cairo
Written and composed by Nati Weiss and Tom Heled.
Saxophone by Tal Wollner
Accordion by Alon Heled
Trumpet by Itamar Ben Yakir
Electric Guitar by Itamar Weiss
Percussions by Tom Heled and Nati Weiss
Mastered @ DIGITALX Mastering Lab

Photo taken by David "Didi" Bino
Graphic design by Anonymous


all rights reserved



Visionary Shamanics UK


Jungly forest night time realms of psychedelic trance and ethnic psychill dub grooves , laced with underworldly undertones and channelled insights. Combining a synergy of visionary art, shamanic poetry and mystical worlds of hallucinogenic sound.
Shamanic grooves for the new era of psychedelic travelling in multidimensional planes of awareness and otherworldly mystery.
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