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Ajal 07:58
Nuuktal 07:22
Kimil 08:44


Daniel Neria, is the name behind the "Third Eye of Monkey".
Who grew up listening Goa Trance since he was seven. Since then he has been faithful to the psychedelic sounds. With over 5 years experience producing music, he decided to create this project when Daniel receive signals via 3 incredibly real dreams about mystical creatures, alien civilizations and the end of humanity, trying to express a little of your dreams in each track. A project with a unique style, was being invoked by respected labels, leaving its mark on each of them worldwide, satisfying demanding audience that knows about the Nocturnal psychedelia.

This time Daniel presents an EP full of magic that will take us to unimagined places linked to the extraordinary visionary mystic poetry by Mystical Voyager (Visionary Shamanics label manager) will lead us to feel extrasensory vibrations.

Wayak Nuuk EP (WAYAK - Vision between dreamily) (NUUK - Something big)
Represents the cycles of the universe and of life itself. Everything in the multiverse are cycles. On this occasion represents the Mayan life cycle. Giving a touch of a Mayan forest to each track.
Wayak Nuuk
Ajal - (Awakening)
Nuuktal - (Grow up)
Kiimil - (Die)
Xibalba - (The Mayan Underworld.)

The aim of this is to heal the big human losses which have passed listeners of these tracks, that death is not the end, otherwise it is the start of something big, a great journey.


We all have our own destiny,
written in the celestial mystery,
Mayan cycles in the eternal so trippy,
transition of ego death can be accepted,
our souls last forever protected,
fear is only a shadow from light of awareness,
experience deathless consciousness,
nothing but a transformative change,
a quantum jump strange,
fictional in the cosmic game,
rearrange dance celebrate and play,
welcome the unknown foresty beyonds,
all webs of being are woven better,
we are all one from the beginning until forever,
ceremonial tribal & shamanic let's gather together.


released March 18, 2016

MASTERING - Overdream
VISIONARY ART - Third Eye Of Monkey
SHAMANIC POETRY - Mystical Voyager


all rights reserved



Visionary Shamanics UK


Jungly forest night time realms of psychedelic trance and ethnic psychill dub grooves , laced with underworldly undertones and channelled insights. Combining a synergy of visionary art, shamanic poetry and mystical worlds of hallucinogenic sound.
Shamanic grooves for the new era of psychedelic travelling in multidimensional planes of awareness and otherworldly mystery.
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